Welcome to the Hertzano Lab

At the Hertzano laboratory, we work to understand the molecular basis of hearing loss.

Genetic hearing loss afflicts 1:1000 newborns and half the population over 70. To date, there are 460 million people worldwide with disabling hearing loss. The goal of our research is to prevent and treat genetic, age- and noise-induced hearing loss. We take a multi-disciplinary approach, and in our journey towards therapeutics, we make contributions to understanding the development of the ear, mechanisms of age and noise induced hearing loss, and develop methods for genomic data sharing and analysis.

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Latest Lab News

July 2022 – October 2022

The lab welcomes medical student Gabby Manilla! 

January – June 2022

The lab welcomes summer student and rising medical student Han Dewan! 

The lab is happy to have returning member and medical student Erika Lipford for her summer research project!

The lab is excited to welcome our youngest team member, baby Ethan Joseph Hertzano! Congratulations Dr. Hertzano!

August – December 2021

The lab is happy to welcome Dr. Ningjin Wu as our newest PhD student!

The lab welcomes baby Justin Kennedy Schwartz! Congrats to Dr. Kennedy!

The team congratulates Dr. Hertzano for receiving the 2021 UMB Researcher of the Year Award. Great job Dr. Hertzano!

Congratulations Ben Shuster and team for their recent publication on estradiol’s protective role in noise-induced hearing loss! Check out the manuscript here.

The lab welcomes resident researcher, Dr. Priya Patel!

The lab welcomes rotating PhD student, Dr. Ningjin Wu! 

May – July 2021

The lab welcomes our newest postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Reza Amanipour!

Congratulations to Ben Shuster for his acceptance into the Forensic Medicine master’s program at the University of Maryland!

The lab welcomes our newest PhD student, Chris Shults!

January – April 2021

Congratulations to Ben Shuster and Lawrance Lee for the publication of their manuscript on workout intensity and music volume in spin classes! Find the press release for their study here.

A massive congratulations to the entire Hertzano team for their work on the gEAR grant and the DoD grant, both of which were successfully funded!

Congratulations to Katie Gwilliam and Kevin Rose for the successful funding of their F31 grants!


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