Our Lab Adventures

Celebrating our Nature publication with the whole team
Kevin, Katie, and Ben pursuing their dream of being scientific superstars
Bea and Ben duking it out in the bouncy house
Dr. Hertzano, Maggie, and Katie after completing the Celtic Solstice Run
Erika learning a hard lesson on why you should always take your conference poster as a carry-on during flights
Maggie and Bea working the gEAR workshop registration at the 2019 ARO Mid-Winter Meeting
Joshua teaching new users how to navigate the gEAR during a workshop at the 2019 ARO Mid-Winter Meeting
Kevin posing in front of a DNA double helix at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
A fierce game of ping pong between PI and graduate student at the 2018 Jax course in Bar Harbor, Maine
Katie, Kevin, and Dr. Hertzano at the Jax course in Bar Harbor, Maine
Kanisa and Erika teaching a summer student how to dissect the brain and cochlea
Lab members battling it out in Rummikub, the official lab game
Bea and Erika enjoying the Nook Happy Hour after a long day at the lab
Catching up with old friends at the 2020 ARO Mid-Winter Meeting
Ben serving as a test subject for a portable DPOAE device
The team eating homemade chocolate fudge and cake during a Holiday-themed lab meeting
Ben presenting a poster detailing his research on the protective effects of estrogen against hearing loss
The team all dressed up for BK Day 2018
The team enjoying food during a grant review session
A thank you note for Dr. Taylor for gifting us wifi
A festive lab meeting to celebrate the holidays, complete with croissants and coffee
Kevin presenting his research during the UMB Graduate Research Conference
Celebrating Maggie's successful PhD defense with food and friends
Ben pondering his next experiment... or his next nap